The Story of King Gambrinus

Brewing legendry names Gambrinus of Brabant the “King of Beer” and the man who declared, “Beer brings enjoyment to the world!”

King Gambrinus has been honored throughout the world and through the centuries as the man who invented the “toast” as a social custom. He is also considered by many to be the founding father of the Knights of the Mashing Fork–purported to be the first brewers’ guild.

Although Gambrinus has long been revered by brewers as a patron saint, his true identity remains in question. In folklore, Gambrinus was the King of Flanders. He is reputed to have invented hopped, malt beer. He also may have been Jan Primus (John I, 1251–1294), Duke of Flanders, Brabant, Louvain and Antwerp. Other stories link Gambrinus to Jean Seans Peur (John the Fearless, 1371–1419), known as Gambrivius.

Whoever he was, wherever he ruled and whatever he accomplished, his slogan continues to ring true for beer lovers around the world.